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07 Dec 2020

Google Pay and Fitbit Pay now available from Irish Credit Unions

Modern, secure and free contactless payments

Credit Unions offering the Current Account service, under the brand, are delighted to announce a significant enhancement to the service with the introduction of Google Pay and Fitbit Pay.

From December 6th, 2020, the Current Account Debit Mastercard from your Credit Union can be added to Google Pay and Fitbit Pay digital wallets, making it easier for those preferring to use their mobile phone and/or Fitbit watch to make contactless payments.

Following the start of the pandemic, contactless transactions have jumped to nearly 80% across Europe. As consumers began to use less cash, many embraced contactless as a safe, convenient and quick payment option – a change that is expected to stand the test of time.

To set-up Google Pay and/or Fitbit Pay, just download the app, follow the instructions and submit a One Time Passcode to complete the process. You can use Google Pay and Fitbit Pay wherever contactless payments are accepted. You simply hold your mobile phone and/or Fitbit device near a payment terminal to make a contactless payment.

Seamus Newcombe, Chief Executive of said, “The use of digital wallet payments provides a safer more secure way to pay that removes the need to handle payment cards, touch physical buttons or exchange cash. It’s the modern way to pay, particularly given the times we live in. And, with the Credit Union Current Account, the good news is contactless payments are free.

This latest enhancement to our Current Account will benefit the growing number of people who have discovered the advantages of doing their day-to-day banking through the Credit Union, whilst also supporting their local community”.

Sonya Geelon, Country Manager, Mastercard Ireland said, “This new launch is an example of Mastercard’s continued commitment to bring innovation that simplifies people’s everyday daily lives. Today’s rollout empowers cardholders to pick the most convenient and safest method of payment that fits their needs and we’re delighted to partner with the Credit Unions to offer this new service.”