About ChequeMate

ChequeMate is designed as an automatic solution to take the hassle out of cheque lodgements. Not only will you make it easier for your staff to accept cheque lodgements, you will drastically reduce the time spent managing the cheque acceptance process, thus saving your credit union money in the process.


Here are some of the key features you can avail of when you sign-up for our ChequeMate Service:

  • ChequeMate Finder – our bespoke query tool that allows you to instantly recall previously processed payments.
  • Quickly and confidently validate transaction information.
  • The ability to give as many users access as needed.

Signing up for our ChequeMate service can benefit your business in a number of ways:

Save time and costs by significantly reducing processing time
Eliminate financial risk by quickly identifying and then rectifying payment issues.
Quickly process and send large volumes of cheques.