Current Account
Full service day-to-day banking, from your Credit Union.

Current Account is a full service current account from your Credit Union that gives your members a real choice for their day-to-day banking needs. Launched in 2019, Current Account, from your Credit Union allows credit unions to grow their relationship with their members and deliver a banking product that is a legitimate alternative to the banks.

Current Account
Sepa Pay
A seamless and cost efficient SEPA Payments platform.

Payac has partnered with global payments leader Intesa San Paolo to bring a market leading payments offering to credit unions. Sepa Pay allows credit unions to offer a vital payment service to members while minimising the cost of the service to the credit union.

Taking the hassle out of cheques.

Payac stands for delivery of modern state of the art payment services. However, we understand that while the use of cheques is declining all the time, accepting cheques remains an integral part of credit union service delivery. For good or bad, cheques will be with us for a while to come.

What people are saying about Payac
Since we introduced the Current Account, we have seen a re-engagement with dormant members, who would have traditionally borrowed from the CU but had not done so in recent years. The Current Account was key to rekindling that relationship. This coupled with us continuing to provide a service to our members during the recent lockdown has put Drogheda CU in good stead for delivering further enhancements to our service offering over the coming months. And the debit card has reduced the queues at our offices with members using the card to pay for purchases and get cashback.
Sarah McGee
Assistant Manager
Drogheda Credit Union
What people are saying about Payac
“Life CU recently switched IT Service provider. A key consideration of the migration plan was that a large number of our members had Current Account and debit cards, and needed continuity of service. The team in Payac was able to guide us through a very streamlined process, and the migration was very straightforward.”
Karen Mulligan
Life Credit Union